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Dating back from the wake of the civil war and UNTAC era, Mittapheap Hotel rose from the ashes, becoming one of the very first hotels in the city of Phnom Penh, Cambodia.

Originally, a small office space for the Cambodian Press, turned into a re-invention of space into the humble once 23-room hotel as it first started in 1990.

As the world grew more aware of Cambodia’s history and beauty, emerged the interest and curiosity of travelers to come to the kingdom of wonder, the hotel industry begin to boom in Cambodia.

Simultaneously due to the increasing need for hotels, the 23 room Mittapheap Hotel acquired its “sister” hotel next door called Orchidee Hotel, and both the establishments became the two most well-known hotels among locals, business and leisure travelers.

As the tourism industry started its soar in the South East Asian market in the early 2000, Mittapheap Hotel found its prime time make its mark and to merge the two hotels. The then renovated hotel, develop into the 81 rooms hotel choice for budget travelers from all corners of the world, thus setting its place in the hospitality industry in Cambodia.

Fast forward to 2013….. As a successful decade has past, as the neighboring Asian regions merging into the ASEAN member, and as the world is now even more looking to Cambodia for direct foreign investments and increase in trade, more brand aware, economically and environmentally conscious than ever, Mittapheap Hotel now sees this as an opportunity to undergo major restoration, renovation, and rebranding.


Now under new management team, and a creative director, Mittapheap Hotel is now embarking on a project to renovate and re-brand the hotel into the new… MITO Hotel. Combining the original names, “Mittapheap” and “Orchidee” to bring the company to a more international level.

MITO Hotel is a newly renovated business hotel in the heart of Phnom Penh. Blessed with premier central location, bustling city center, diverse international clientele of business men, entrepreneurs, adventurers, MITO Hotel is the preferred choice for business and leisure travelers.

Our Accommodation type ranges from Superior, Deluxe, Deluxe Star, VIP, and Family Suite. Each type having its own designated style, décor, and amenities simple enough to make guests feel like home. Because each guest is different, have different needs, our specialty is the ability and efforts to cater to each of our guests individual preferences, and we have one of the best guest relations services in Phnom Penh.

Our unique style is Industrial-Modern infused with history and distinguished by a blend of Khmer vintage elements and ArtDeco flair and decorated with memorabilia reminiscent of the Classics. We strive to create the nostalgic ambience and memories of the good old days in fusion with new modern tastes.

At MITO Hotel, we take pride in good design and environment, lifestyle in the arts and culture, economic and social trends, exceptional customer service, customer loyalty and long lasting friendships, being that our previous name “Mittapheap” literally means “friendship” Khmer language.

Our motto is…. “Come as strangers, leave as Friends”.