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As a company with board members and a hard working staff working around the clock, Mito will continue to inspire and reward team players and associates. Each member strives to make Mito Hotel a pioneer in the lifestyle of boutique hotels and a home for all visitors.

As a boutique hotel, Mito is also all about the lifestyle of the modern business and leisure traveller. By providing an array of excellent hospitality products and offering great value for a small budget, Mito is a great company that instills pride as it continues its leadership of modern Phnom Penh.


Continuing to set international standards as a hotel, Mito is also expanding its social responsibilities and giving back to the communities with charity events and volunteering support to local NGOs. Mito has made a social commitment to provide opportunities for the emerging young generation as Cambodia opens its borders with the ASEAN alliance.

Not only a place for travellers to meet and rest, but it is also a hub for the traditional, urban, and arts culture. Mito Hotel is also a home to our staff and will continue to encourage a special company culture to push all its members to excellence.